Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Guided Reading Groups

I have finally finessed my observation note page to where I love it!!! I am so excited to run my guided reading center and keep accurate, easy notes that I may forget when it comes time to assessments or for planning remediation. I have been researching different teacher's ways of this record keeping and took a little bit from here and there and added the things that I wanted to make this graphic organizer just the way I wanted so that it would help me the most. It includes a place to enter students most recent scores in reading so that I can quickly see what areas I want to be sure to hit in each group where they are all needing some extra help. I want to share it with you in case you are teaching and want some ideas to take away and add to your own, or feel free just to use mine. I was happy to get the cover and side labels for my binder at the following blog:


I also printed the reading log there to keep a list in my binder of books I have done a running record on for each child. Then I also revamped a running record documentation page. I wanted something where I could see the student's actual reading and comprehension progress on the same page. Again, if you want to take any ideas or use the page in its entirety please enjoy!

Guided Reading Observation Documentation Form

Guided Reading Group Notes -

Running Record Form

Running Record Form -

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