Wednesday, March 2, 2011

100th Day

Since some people have not be able to come into our class to view some of our fun projects that we did on the 100th day I wanted to post pictures of some so you can see them here, even though it was almost a month ago - where has a month gone??? What a fun, fun, fun day, even though it was delayed by 2 days due to our days off for snow. Of course everything we do on this day, we did in 100's. We practiced counting to 100 by 1's, 5's and 10's, did 100 exercises, wrote one letter of the alphabet 100 times, estimated how long it takes for 100 seconds to pass, chose an adjective to describe what we hope to be when we are 100 years old, created a school of 100 fish, made 100 day celebration crowns, and drew pictures of what we would look like when we reach the age of 100. Our bulletin board displays our 100 collections brought from home, and our ice cream cones with 10 scoops, which we used to count by 10's to reach 100. The second bulletin board shows our stars, on which we wrote and drew about an item we would like to have 100 of. Congratulations class on 100 great days of learning in Kindergarten!

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