Friday, September 14, 2012

Kindergarten Common Core

As our school begins the process of adopting the new Common Core State Standards, we will evaluate the tools and resources that we use to identify which ones align with the new standards, and which ones we will no longer use.  A fellow teacher blogger posted this resource on her blog, and I immediately went to check it out.  What a great resource to help teachers to cover the Common Core Standards!  What I like the most is the variety of activities that are inlcuded.  It contains ideas/resources that can be used as a whole group, for small groups, and even for individual independent work.  The best part is that for 2 more days this resource is free to Kindergarten teachers who will post about it on their blog.  After that the resource will cost $39.99, not a bad deal for over 600 activities!  I hope that this will point some other fellow Kindergarten teachers to this resource while it is still FREE!

Click here to view the Kindergarten Common Core Workbook

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