Friday, September 14, 2012

All About Apples

This week our class took our annual Apple Picking Field Trip to Lynd's Fruit Farm.  We have been learning about apples in preparation for the Rosh Hashana holiday.  At the fruit farm we were able to view a slide show of pictures to see apple trees in the different seasons, how they are pollinated by bees, and how the trees are cared for throughout the year.  Then we went to see how the apples are sorted in the warehouse, if they are going to be sold at their fruit stand.  Next we saw a museum of older equipment that was used for apple picking, sorting and selling.  Last we got to pick a bag of our own apples to take home.  This week we picked Pixie Crunch apples, yum!  If your family would like to visit the farm you can click the link below to view a picking schedule on the Lynd's Fruit Farm website.

Click here to see Lynd's Fruit Farm Picking Schedule. 

In class we were able to connect apples to so many learning topics.  We made observations about the apples using our five senses.  The clip art symbols for the 5 senses are a download from the following website, feel free to download a copy for yourself to review with your child at home!

We sorted ourselves by our favorite color apples to eat.

We learned about our new alphafriend Andy Apple.

Nex week we will learn more about how the apple tree changes during each season.  Check out our pictures below to see how much fun we had at the Fruit Farm!

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