Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Newsletter Info 9-3-2010

What we learned this week:

Reading: letters/sounds: m, a, s, e

Writing: names, letters

Math: graphing, counting

Science: apple taste test

Social Studies: rules

*Ask your student to sing the "Sammy Seal" and "Mimi Mouse" songs that we learned

*Ask your student which apple was their favorite in the taste test. (red, yellow, or green)

Field Trip
Our Apple Picking field trip will take place on September 15th. Be looking for more information to come home about this soon.

Class Rules:
Our classes have created our list of rules, which are the same in General Studies and the Judaic Classes. Please discuss this list of rules with your child at home and make sure that they understand how each one is used at school. It is important for families to reinforce them at home. Thank you!

1. Follow Directions

2. Be safe

3. Wait your turn

4. Be kind

5. Be neat

6. Stay where you belong

Speech Screening
On Tuesday, September 14th, our speech therapist will be giving speech screenings to all Kindergarten students. You will receive a permission slip for your child to be screened. More information to come as we get closer to the date.

Student Questionnaires
If you have not yet returned the orange questionnaire for your child please do so ASAP! We will be compiling information and keeping it on hand in case of an emergency. They also give us great insight into how we can best help your child be successful. Thank you!

Pick-Up Routine
Thank you for your patience as we are currently "working out the kinks" in our pick-up routines! If you did not get the email describing the new procedure, please let me know and I will send home a hard copy for you to read. This is only for those students being picked up at 2:30 after Kindergarten is completed for the day.

Students are allowed to bring snack foods to eat at recess time. It is up to you if they eat part of their lunch, or have a separate snack to eat, or bring no snack at all. Please remind your student that they are not to share their snacks with others due to possible allergies and/or differing family food preferences. Some students are choosing not to eat their hot lunch because they do not like what is being served. Please be sure to check the menu with your student and send a packed lunch on days when foods they do not like are being served.

Meet the Teacher Night
Hopefully you received the email explaining that Meet the Teacher Night was moved! We are looking forward to meeting you all on Wednesday night, September 15th at 7:00!

Take-Home Folders
Your student has 2 take-home folders. The green folder is for their Judaic Studies class, and the orange folder is for their General Studies class. Each folder has a Keep at Home pocket and a Return to School pocket. Please be conscientious of checking these folders each and every night, initialing/signing where appropriate, completing homework, returning papers that need to be and emptying the folder of anything from the Keep at Home pocket. This is our main form of communication, so any notes can be put into these folders and we will get them first thing in the morning. Thank you for your help in keeping up with these folders!

Morning Drop-Off
All students should enter the building at the Main Entrance doors. The outside door in the Kindergarten hall is only to be used as an exit or for emergencies. If you arrive at school after 8:35 you must get a signed Late Pass from Lisa at the front desk before you walk to class. Davening begins promptly at 8:30, so please be sure to have your student here on time to begin prayers!

All male students must wear a kippa in the building at all times. If your child is a boy please make sure that they have a kippa on their head when they arrive. If they are prone to losing kippas it would be a great idea to keep an extra one or two in their back-pack to use in those instances.

Extra Clothes
Many students have not yet sent in a bag of extra clothing items yet. These are used as a change of clothes in case of a spill, sickness, or bathroom accidents. A full change of clothes should be put into a large Ziploc bag, labeled with your child's name, and sent to school to be kept here for emergencies. Thank you!

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