Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Newsletter 9-17-2010

What We Learned This Week:
Reading: letters/sounds: r, t; blending sounds together to make words; rhyming
Writing: Names, student of the day books
Math: Sorting (definition, different ways to sort); counting (forward and backward 0-10)
Theme: Apples
*Ask your student to sing the Tiggy Tiger song we learned about the letter t and its sound
*Ask your student what it means to sort a group of things, have them sort something for you at home (laundry, silverware from the dishwasher, etc.) :)

Field Trip
We had a wonderful time on our Apple Picking Field Trip to Lynd's Fruit Farm. Thank you all for getting in the permission slips and money on time so that everyone was able to participate! The children enjoyed learning about how the farm works, and picking apples off the trees.

Student Questionnaires
Thank you for taking the time to complete the orange questionnaire to tell us more about your student! We realize that some of this information was given on other forms, but it is important for us to have quick access to it within our classrooms. Each questionnaire is read carefully and the information about your child is taken into consideration in order to best help them be successful in Kindergarten!

Pick-Up Routine
Thank you for your patience as we have worked out the procedures concerning child pick-up at 2:30! Our number one goal is to keep children and families safe as we exit the building and enter the parking lot. If you are the first parent to arrive and the yellow gates have not yet been opened, please wait there until a staff member comes to open them. When they are opened too early some cars have pulled into the circle and parked because they are not picking up a kindergarten student, which then backs up the kindergarten pick-up line. Thank you for your cooperation!

We encourage you to send a snack with students to enjoy during morning and afternoon recesses. We do ask that you please not send in snacks or lunch items that contain nuts. Some of our students are highly allergic to nuts, so we need to keep nuts out of our classrooms, cafeteria, and playground. Thank you for your help in keeping our students safe!

Reading Groups
Due to the short weeks in September our schedule has not allowed time to begin our small reading groups. We will introduce these in the last week of September and begin working in them during the first week of October. These groups will be determined based on prior reading knowledge, to help them progress from the level they are at. We are excited to get into reading of simple stories and learning more about books!

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