Friday, December 21, 2012

Forces of Motion

This week we continued our unit on forces of motion.  We created a double bubble thinking map to compare things that move fast, things that move slow, and things that can move both fast and slow.  On Friday we conducted our first experiment using the scientific process.  We followed these 3 steps:
1 - Make a hypothesis
2 - Do the experiment
3 - Record your observations
We moved toy cars and marbles in our experiment.  We made a hypothesis about which way it would be fast to move a toy car, by pulling or by pushing.  Pushing was the clear winner.  Then we thought of ways that we could move a toy car or marble in faster ways.  By building low ramps they moved faster than just on flat ground, but when we built higher ramps we saw the toys move much faster!  This experiment was lots of fun, check out our photos!

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