Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Thanksgiving Show

Our Kindergarteners did an AMAZING job performing their Thanksgiving song for the school show this morning!  Below is a picture a mom took for us during practice on Monday.  Of course, I forgot to have someone take pictures during the show since I was busy leading the kids...OOPS!  We adapted the song "We're Thankful" by Moose A. Moose, and our class did a wonderful job learning all of the words and sang beautifully.  We also shared pictures and told what each of us were thankful for.  Our thankfulness included things like: houses, bedrooms, trees, flowers, family, Mommies, and even Ninjas.  I am very proud of how they did in front of such a large audience of friends and family!  Great job!

The past two weeks we have learned about the Thanksgiving holiday.  We learned the history about the first Thanksgiving feast, and how traditions have remained the same, and how some have changed.  We read the non-fiction book: "Thanksgiving" that told us a lot about this holiday throughout the years since it has started. To illustrate a sequencing lesson we discussed the order to follow a turkey from birth (hatching) to our table.

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