Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Wants and Needs Collages

We began this lesson by creating a list together of things that we want and things that we need. When these lists were complete we discussed what the difference between wants and needs is. We decided that a want is something that you would like to have, something that makes you feel happy, or something that helps you have fun. Then we concluded that a need is something that we have to have in order to keep living. To make the lesson more concrete for students we then made a picture collage of magazine pictures. Students were instructed to find pictures of 4 things for each group, needs and wants. In preparation for our field trip we discussed that ice cream is really a want instead of a need. The part of ice cream that we need is the milk, but we do not have to have ice cream. Please excuse the handwriting on our easel, it is not an example of my best!

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